FTCC’s new simple fundraiser – gift cards!

You simply purchase a gift card at face value, and FTCC receives a rebate as explained in more detial here.

There are over 700 retailers to choose from!

  1. Order by Paper_Order_Form which includes commonly-used general retailers and travel-specific retailers

Leave order form and cash or check to FTCC in Church Office Mailbox

Pick up your gift cards at FTCC.

*Orders dropped off on/by 1st Sun, available on 2nd Sun

*Orders dropped off on/by 3rd Sun, available on 4th Sun

  1. 20 of the most commonly-used gift cards are available on Sundays at coffee hour, such Shaw’s, CVS, Lowe’s, Starbucks, Staples, & Marshalls
  2. Order on-line at shopwithscrip.com (FTCC Code: E32FEDDE5924L)

Pay   – drop off a check at FTCC, gift cards will be mailed to FTCC

  • Electronically pay (prestopay) with your bank account and choose:
    • gift cards will be mailed
    • receive gift cards electronically (ScripNow)

Shop as you typically do, using gift cards purchased through FTCC’s scrip gift card program, and rebates are deposited directly to FTCC.

Once you set up your family account within shopwithsrip.com, you will be able to set up re-occurring transactions, or re-load selected gift cards, so you will always have a gift card available for your regular shopping. This consistent use will help FTCC the most.

This is very simple and will help FTCC’s meet its financial goals.