Weddings at First Trinitarian Congregational Church

Your wedding is a celebration of the love that has brought you and your spouse-to-be together. We look forward to helping you make your wedding one of the most wonderfully memorable days of your life! We officiate weddings for members and non-members of FTCC.

First Trinitarian Congregational Church (FTCC) is a beautiful, peaceful, historic church located less than a mile from Scituate Harbor and less than a mile from Route 3A. We have a lovely worship space with a piano and an organ, ample parking, and we are easily handicap accessible.  We can comfortably accommodate 200 guests in our sanctuary, have a sound system and offer assisted listening devices for the hearing impaired.

FTCC is an “Open and Affirming” member of the United Church of Christ. We welcome and will conduct wedding ceremonies for all people including those who identify as heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Weddings include two preliminary meetings which may include premarital counseling, if requested, as well as a wedding rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

We can provide a musician and can make accommodations to allow a friend or family member to play and/or sing. Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions can be found below.

Couples usually meet with the minister months in advance of the wedding date. A deposit of $150 is required to book the date and the remainder of the fees are payable at the wedding rehearsal. Please contact the church office at 781-545-5300 to inquire about availability for your wedding date and to set up your initial meeting with the pastor.

Member fees:

FTCC Sanctuary: No charge
Minister $300
Musician: Organist or Pianist: $250
Custodian: $100.00
Soloist: $150
Rice Hall Rental:$100, plus additional $50 due custodian
Library Rental: $50, plus additional $25 due custodian

Non-member fees:

FTCC Sanctuary: $300
Minister: $500
Musician: Organist or Pianist: $250
Custodian: $100
Soloist: $150
Rice Hall Rental: $200, plus additional $50 due custodian
Library Rental (up to 12 people): $100, plus additional $25 due custodian
Holidays and holiday weekends are subject to a surcharge.

Wedding FAQ:

Is the pastor available to officiate weddings at places other than the church? Yes. Please contact the pastor directly at

Will children be allowed to participate in the ceremony? Generally, children are welcome to participate. Please talk to the pastor about the child you would like to have participate and, together, you can work out the most appropriate role(s) for the youth.

Does FTCC allow couples to bring their own officiant? FTCC’s pastor must officiate and sign the marriage license. Couples are welcome to talk with the pastor about a co-officiant. Professional courtesy dictates that the invitation come from the pastor, rather than the couple.

How early is the church open on the day of the wedding? The church will be open one hour prior the ceremony and you are welcome to bring in flowers and/or take photos at that time.

May guests take photos or video during the ceremony? In order to minimize distractions, guests are welcome to remain in their seats and take pictures or video with phones or cameras provided there is no flash and phones are on silent mode.

Can we take pictures in the church after the ceremony? We encourage you to take your church photos before or during the ceremony. Many couples will take pictures during the rehearsal. The gazebo in our garden is available for picture taking prior to the ceremony. It is expected that the wedding party and guests will depart within 30 minutes of the ceremony if the reception is being held off-site.

May we use bubbles? Bubbles are allowed outside of the building.