If you want to make a difference:

  • Opportunities to serve range from hands-on support for local and regional agencies, to advocacy and financial support, to international causes.
  • We really do make a difference in social justice matters.
  • 10% of our income to goes to help social serve agencies.

If you are looking for a sense of community:

  • We celebrate and support one another in an intergenerational community.
  • It helps to know that you are never alone.
  • Many say it is the most important part of church life.

If worship and spiritual growth are important to you:

  • Worship is truly a joy-filled blend of prayer, music and word.
  • We share inspiration in relevant ways by applying sacred text to everyday life.
  • We believe that God is still speaking and that we are called to ongoing learning, growth and engagement.

If finding a safe nurturing place for your children and teens is important:

  • Children and youth are important and valued members of our church family.
  • Our programs provide a fun, safe haven for them to learn and grow in faith.